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A well-reputed R&D institute on development of design documentation for a wide range of equipment and machinery. Year of foundation – 1961.
The main manufacturer of NIISHINMASH-designed equipment is pilot machinery plant JSC YarZOM, which was set-up in 1976 as a NIISHINMASH test and development base.

Basic trends of NIISHINMASH activities:

  • Design and manufacture of :
    -Component and building equipment for tyre and re-treading plants;
    -Equipment for production of rubber mechanical and asbestos articles;
    -Equipment for re-processingof worn-out tyres as well as waste rubber, thermoplastics, cloths;
    -Equipment for cleaning of cure moulds and any other metal surfaces;
    -Auxiliary and non-standard equipment to comply with Customer’s requirements.
  • Development and upgrading of management systems for highly automatic processing machines, units and trains.
  • Rendering of service in restoration and commissioning of equiment.

The steady market position of JSC NIISHINMASH among manufacturers of equipment and machinery for chemical industry, reprocessing branches, defence industry, food industry, construction branches, agriculture etc. is provided with :
-Availability of more than 30 year joint experience of both institute and pilot plant in design and manufacture;
-A wide range of manufactured products as well as usage of over 100 models and types of highly effective precision and fast re-adjustable equipment;
-assured quality of manufactured products warranted by DQS Certificates;
-Worked-up designs are protected by Russian patents;
-Higher technical standards of manufactured equipment confirmed by many diplomas and medals at specialized fairs, exhibitions and contests.

JSC NIISHINMASH will consider any offers by enterprises or private persons as per introduction of innovations and pilot designs into mass production.
On mutually profitable basis we are ready to design,adjust and manufacture the equipment and products of both industrial and domestic designations. Having more than 40 year experience in the field and up-to-date CAD-equipped design facilities we proudly take a lead in the manufacture of modern tyre machinery. Of higher preference are the projects and ideas having a worked-out sales market for offered equipment and articles. We are looking for your proposals and offers in writing by e-mail or by fax (4852)58-36-84.

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January, 2010
Section “Miscellaneous” is added with information on TA-10.5 Thermostating automatic unit.
September, 2009
Manufactured is a shop carriage , capacity 800 kg, to carry a launch in exhibition halls of JSC Arsenal Service.
CCK-700 inner tube splicer is put into operation at JSC Altaisky Tyre Complex.
June, 2009
Manufactured and shipped to JSC Yaroslavl Tara is a Pallet wrapper.
May, 2009
Manufactured and shipped to JSC Altaisky Tyre Complex are carriages for cord cuts (K-27627.00000), 25 pcs.
December, 2008
Manufactured and shipped to JSC Ukraine OTR Tyre Plant, Dnepropetrovsk, is a set of bead formers for building of 45” tyres. Put into operation at JSC Altaisky Tyre Complex are two ACB-1550 band-building units.
October 27, 2008
JSC NIISHINMASH put into production a new generation of tyre building drums of setting diameters 20”, 21” and 24”. These differ from older design drums by many features, basic ones being as follows:
  • A new kinematix eliminates defects of drum pre-folding during building operations.
  • Reduction of drum diameter brings about a material saving of components to be used for tyre building as well as decrease of folded drum diameter thus enabling to build tyres of several sizes.
  • Service life of ring springs in bead processing unit is greatly (about 10 times as much) prolonged.
  • The drums are manufactured with shoulders undetachable thus considerably facilitating TBM operator’s labour, increasing productivity and reducing risks of accident.
  • Special-design locks are provided to firmly fix the sectors thus increasing accuracy, rigidity, reliability and drum service life.
August, 2008
The specialists of JSC NIISHINMASH in close co-operation with counterparts of JSC YarZOM assimilated a new productive activity, viz. designing, manufacture and deliveries of equipment for production of reinforced concrete articles which are intended for both industrial and civilian construction as well as welded and assembled metal constructions, various constructional fittings. We have the facilities for any personal manufacture of the order to comply either with the Customer’s drawings or technical documentation designed by our specialists. Put into operation at JSC Voltyre-Prom is AKC 500-1100 grommet-building unit.
May 28, 2008
JSC NIISHINMASH together with JSC YarZOM completed a large-scale modernization of modules in Marangoni OTR and SOTR re-treading train and carried out its load-tests including the tread cutting-off and grinding, tread strip winding and tread pattern forming . The tests were carried out in presence of representatives of JSC Krasny Yar-Shina, the Customer, and were positively rated.
March, 2008
Shipped to JSC Voltyre-Prom are three MBC -1800 band-building units and UZP-800 two-stage rubber lining wind-up.
January 21, 2008
Section “Manufactured Products” is added with information on HIII 80-600 gear pump designed for rubber processing in combination with an extruder to produce the extrudates of higher size accuracy and form stability.
November 23, 2007
Section “Manufactured Products” is added with information on set of equipment for re-processing of worn-out tyres
Quality of developments to comply with world standards is guaranteed.
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