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The Research and Design Institute of the Equipment for Tyre Industry ("NIISHINMASH") was founded in 1961, in the period when chemical industry, including the branch of tyre industry, was developing intensively.

At that time the development of certain kinds of the equipment in this field was carried out by Research Institutes: NIISHP, NIIRP, designing organization Rezinproekt, and also design offices at the plants of chemical engineering. Certainly, these enterprises didn't cover the full volume of work. That was why the Government of the country decided to create a great design organization. It was no coincidence that Yaroslavl was chosen. At that time the largest tyre plant (Yaroslavl Tyre Plant), the plant of chemical engineering, the plants RTI and ATI, a branch of GPI "Rezinproekt" and the Technical Institute as a training base were situated in Yaroslavl.

The institute was named as Design and Technology Institute of the Equipment for Plastic and Rubber Processing at VSNH.

The Institute specialization was also determined at that time: designing of stocking and building equipment and molds for tire manufacturing, tire retreading industry and rubber-technical industry.

The first development project of the Institute was "Semi-automatic production line of cord plies stocking and truck tyres building" in 1962.

In November of 1963 the institute was renamed as The Research and Design Institute of the Equipment for Tyre Industry ("NIISHINMASH") of the Soviet Union.

Already in 1965 it became an universally recognized research organization with a highly developed structure. Scientific-Technical Council, six research development departments, electric drives and pneumatic actuators departments, production process department, standardization department, technical-economic research department, department of perspective branch development and production specialization, technical department, department of technical information (with a library), patent, rationalization and invention department, technical design department, scientific-technical archives department, laboratories of the tyre building technology, experimental production department, all the necessary administrative departments began their work.

The institute developments were successfully produced of metal at the Experimental Machinery Plant, that began to work in 1970 on the basis of the building of the experiment-development base of the Institute, built in 1967.

During the period of 40 years there have been developed and produced more than 600 kinds of equipment for nearly all of Russian tyre plants and tyre plants of the countries of the former Soviet Union. About 2000 units of equipment have been exported to 14 countries.

For the last years the Institute base of material resources has changed, a system of new equipment computer design has been created, a new concept of the work of the Institute under the conditions of market relations is formulated.

The main directions of the Institute are:

  • modernization of the equipment at the plants of tyre and rubber industry that will help to create a renewed technological unit equipped with modern means of automation and processes control at a moderate price;
  • creation of new competitive equipment with high automation that combines of the most successful technical ideas;
  • creation of new perspective machinery which do not have analogies in Russia.

Nowadays JSC "NIISHINMASH" is the central enterprise for development and supply of stocking and building equipment for tyre industry, pursues the policy of production diversification and cooperates successfully with the enterprises of tyres retreading, technical rubber and asbestos articles industry, and also rubber scrap reprocessing.

JSC "NIISHINMASH" welcomes every organization interested in new, modern, highly automated equipment to do business with us.

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